Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Taming of the Crew

I have to start by saying that breakfast in our house is well, how should I put it…..loud.

Breakfast is the one meal we are all here for each day, and everyone wants to get their two cents in, usually at the same time.
My husband and I decided this year, that because he is not home during the week for dinner, it is important that breakfast be our family meal. We always sit down together with our boys and ask them how they’re doing and what they are looking forward to that day. We find out what they’re into this minute, and basically just catch up on life stuff before we all head our separate ways.
It works pretty well most days, but with kids who are four and eight, and me trying to fill my husband in on life at home, while his Blackberry vibrates off the table; we can have issues with taking turns and keeping the volume down.
And that’s not even counting the fact that after eleven hours of sleep; my boys are all jacked up on morning speed the moment they arise.

So this morning we were in rare form and our decibels hit a fever pitch. Everyone was talking at once about who needed more Cheerios, who’s toast popped up first, who hid Max’s homework folder, Which shirt Tru had to wear to school, What I still needed to pick for the new house, and how many minutes my husband had to return the overdue Care Bears video to the library before we had to pay another late fee.
I sat there in the din and realized our family meal was turning into something out of Animal House.

I quickly went to the CD player, piped some Beethoven into the dinning room, and announced a new table rule. If anyone at the table could not hear the music, we were talking, (or making various other little boy noises) too darn loud.
Everyone looked at me, listened for the music, and decided that the “new rule” was all good. No kidding…the rest of our morning nosh was lovely. We still talked, and laughed and made silly noises, but we could actually hear each other. And I never once had to tell them I was beginning to get a headache, or that someone was about to be booted from the table for disorderly conduct.
Now if I can just figure out a way to keep them from building a 3-d replica of the Taj Mahal with their waffles.

Hey, ya got to pick your battles right?


Blogger Fat Pants said...

Food fight?

1:05 PM  
Blogger Beading Help Web Editorial Team said...

You got your kids to listen to Beethoven??? You ROCK!!!

8:45 PM  
Blogger meredith sinclair said...

Hey they were trapped at the table. It was either listen or starve.

Truthfully...we rarely listen to "kid Tunes" in our house. If ya start them out as babies listening to a mix of Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart, Bruce, and Johnny Cash, they never know the difference.

We do love ourselves some good Ralph's World though!

4:46 AM  

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