Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oops, I did it again

I have once again been the big Blog slacker.
Spring has come in like a lion cub, and is going out like a full grown, roaring lioness.

It's May......the month my husband and I will attempt to move five years worth of Cr-p from one house to another.
We've known for several weeks that when May hit it was going to be all-systems go on the proverbial moving machine. But somehow we have also managed to live in complete denial too.
I always thought that the holidays were the busiest time of the year for me and my kids. No so. It's definately Spring.
First of all, given my kids pale, weakened figures due to lack of sun and warmth for five months here in Chicagoland, I feel obligated to play outside with them every moment possible. 50 degrees is the new 70.
Then there is the fact that everyone you know comes out of hiding, there's major end of the year school projects, plans for summer fun to be made, a wimpy body that needs to be forced to run and get in shape, and a slew of writing projects firmly whispering "finish me, finish me, finish me". I also volunteered to run the Spring book fair next year for Max's elementary school, Spring being the operative word. I figured I would have no real work til next March at best. Turns out the school wants a new vender, and we need to find one ASAP. Doesn't help that the new PTA president is a very good friend of mine who frequently goes above and beyond the call of girlfriend duty for me, so any thought of shirking my duties is out of the question. Oh, and my PR position on Truman's preschool board wraps up with me taking photos of all the out-going board members kids and putting them in frames to present at the last meeting. Then there is the desire to actually talk to my kids, make some half-decent meals, and keep the health department from knocking on my door due to excessive mud in the house.
So have I justified my lack of bloggery yet? I could go on, but I won't cause I'm sure many of you could top my list.
I really HAVE missed pouring out my random thoughts, and connecting with those of you who care to read them. I promise to visit here more often. So feel free to chat back and let me now what you are Spring a little too bouncy for you too?
Okay, time to go fill a few of these boxes sitting in my kitchen-they're blocking the coffee maker.......enough said.


Blogger anna said...

My dear friend Meredith - do not despair. Spring is completely nuts for all of us. Just know that many of your posts have dramatically impacted our life. We now start our days to a little Diana Krall or Michael Buble instead of the clamor that was overtaking our breakfasts. And our spring break was inspired by you - get dirty and have fun with the kids. You've helped me put everything in perspective over the last month. I even picked up a copy of Cookie. Take care of you during the move. I did too much when we moved and ended up getting pneumonia because I didn't take care of myself. And be sure not to bang too many boxes into your shins - No need for banged up legs in Hawaii. I'm thinking of you. Thanks for keeping me going from afar. Ann

11:32 AM  
Blogger meredith sinclair said...

Super-mom Ann,

Wow, I am so psyched that ya found some helpful hints from my blog!
I am learning as I go, so I always feel obligated to share when something works!
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, I hope this becomes a place where power moms can vent and laugh and learn together.
Have a fun day with your boys! Aren't boys a riot? I so often have to just sit back and watch the chaos and crazy antics they produce and remind myself how wonderful it is that I get to witness it all.
bigs hugs girl!

5:42 AM  
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